Websites about bees and other pollinators that are not in English – can you add to my list?

2019-05-20 15.22.16

The book I’m currently completing is going to have a list of useful websites with information about bees and other pollinators, and pollination itself, that are not written in English.  Following a shout-out on Twitter I’ve come up with the following list – can anyone add to it?  There’s a lot of countries/languages missing.  Please respond in the comments section or send me an email:












French Canadian:










With thanks to everyone on Twitter who responded.

31 thoughts on “Websites about bees and other pollinators that are not in English – can you add to my list?

  1. Nicolas Vereecken

    Hi Jeff; perhaps it would be better to sort them by country and not language? Our bee atlas (wildbnb) is in FR/EN and we are based in Belgium, so technically it is not “Belgian” as there is no Belgian language in the strict sense… we speak French, Dutch, German (our 3 national languages)… and occasionally a bit of English, too.

    1. jeffollerton Post author

      Hi Nicolas – it’s actually sorted by nationality, not language, in the sense of “If you are Belgian, this might be a useful source for you”. I should have made that clearer.

    2. jeffollerton Post author

      On second thoughts, you are absolutely right, ordering them by country makes more sense. That’s what I’m going to do in the book.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. ygklomberg

    The dutch Butterfly ( and bee foundation ( have a website. Especially the vlinderstichting website is nice for more information about butterflies and moths, but not specifically related to pollination. But and, which you already have listed here, are the best dutch websites available on this topic.

    The website you listed should be moved to Belgian. It is about France/Wallonia/Flanders pollinator conservation and not about the Netherlands!
    good luck with the compilation! I will still ask around in the university here for some czech websites…

  3. Jemma Buck

    I am not a bee expert, but I live in France as an ex-pat. I’ve been trying to learn more about bees, and mostly use the Steven Falk site, but also compare to more european ones from time to time. Came across the following : — looks quite interesting and relatively easy to follow, but I haven’t a clue how reliable it is
    I’m seeing an entomologist friend this weekend (we’re running a moth night!), so I’ll ask him


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