Research projects and funding bids

During more than thirty years of ecological research I’ve been involved in a wide range of funded projects that have taken me all over the world and resulted in some highly cited publications in journals such as Science, Ecology, Oikos, and Ecology Letters. If you would like to discuss collaborating with me on a project that you think I can add value to, or if you need advice on a potential funding bid, please get in touch via the Contacts page.

Here’s a list of the main projects and collaborations with which I’m currently involved:

Climate change and its effects on the global distribution of pollination systems: with Dr Zong-Xin Ren (Kunming Institute of Botany) and international partners, funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2020-2021)

Modelling landscapes for resilient pollination services in the UK: with Prof. Simon Potts and Dr Tom Breeze (University of Reading),  Prof. Helen Lomax (University of Huddersfield) and Dr Jim Rouquette (Natural Capital Solutions) funded by BBSRC (2017-2020)

Chequered skipper reintroduction project: with Prof. Tom Brereton (Butterfly Conservation) and Dr Duncan McCollin (University of Northampton) funded by Butterfly Conservation (2018-2021) – see my blog post on Hunting the Chequered Skipper

Genetic and morphological changes in UK bees to a century of agricultural land-use change: in collaboration with Dr Richard Gill (Imperial College, London) and Prof. Ian Barnes (Natural History Museum, London) funded by NERC (2017-2020)

Understanding when biocontrol and enemy release affect plant populations: with Prof. Angela Moles and Dr Stephen Bonser (University of New South Wales) and Dr Raghu Sathyamurthy (CSIRO) funded by the Australian Research Council (2019-2022)

Safeguarding Pollination Services in a Changing World (SURPASS2) – a new international partnership to improve knowledge, build research capacity and initiate new collaborative actions for the conservation and sustainable management of pollinators across Latin America: with Dr Claire Carvell (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) and multiple UK and Latin American partners funded by NERC (2019-2022) – see:

In addition to these research projects I’m a board member of the Nenescape environment and heritage project involving multiple Northamptonshire partners, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (2016-2021)

Soldier beetles