A poem for Valentine’s Day


I have to confess that I forgot completely about Valentine’s Day, it’s not a celebration that I generally pay much attention to, as expressions of love are something that everyone should be doing all the time, surely?

Anyway, this bastardised version of “Roses are red” is for my wife Karin:

Some bees are red
Others are blue
There’s twenty thousand species
Of every hue

Some flies are yellow
Some wasps are cerise
Many of them pollinate
Better than bees



Filed under Bees, Biodiversity, Poetry, Pollination, Wasps

4 responses to “A poem for Valentine’s Day

  1. Felipe Amorim

    Laughing out loud!

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  2. Groan…On seeing your posting notice, I secretly hoped it would be a bad “roses” poem. It’s even ‘worse’ than hoped for. This year, I remembered but my wife forgot. That means she has to open the wine tonight!

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  3. hilarymb

    Great poem Jeff – well done .. and I’m sure Karin does too -congratulatons to you both – cheers Hilary

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