Journal of Pollination Ecology – new volume announced

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The latest volume of the international, peer-reviewed  Journal of Pollination Ecology, of which I’m an editor, has just been published.  All papers are free to download – here’s a link.

Unlike most open access journals there are no page charges for authors, so if you are a researcher involved in pollination ecology, please consider submitting a manuscript.



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7 responses to “Journal of Pollination Ecology – new volume announced

  1. Dear Jeff,

    Did you get my email?



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  2. Wow, I’ve never heard of a journal with no page charges! How does it work?


    • You mean “open access with no page charges”? There’s lots of journals that don’t charge but that are not open access.

      The model for JPE is that all of the editorial and publishing work is done by volunteers, coordinated by the founder and Editor-in-Chief, Carolin Mayer. Carolin also managed to raise some small grants to cover the initial costs of web hosting, etc. In the longer term we’ll have to see how sustainable that is.

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