Tropical Zombies: Moles & Ollerton (2016) is now published

P1080615Back in March 2014 I reported about a guest blog that Angela Moles (University of New South Wales) and I had written for the Dynamic Ecology blog entitled “Are species interactions stronger and more specialized in the tropics?”  The post generated a lot of comments, not all of them supportive of what we were saying.  It also resulted in an invitation from the editor of the journal Biotropica to write up the post as a commentary.  This we did and duly submitted, it went through a couple of rounds of peer review, and has now finally been published.

The paper is currently open access on the Biotropica website as an early view item; here’s the reference hyperlinked to it:

Moles, A. & Ollerton, J. (2016) Is the notion that species interactions are stronger and more specialized in the tropics a zombie idea? Biotropica DOI: 10.1111/btp.12281 

5 thoughts on “Tropical Zombies: Moles & Ollerton (2016) is now published

  1. Clem

    Maybe one day makes a difference – but I was able to get the whole paper just now – and I don’t have any special affiliation that would grant access to the typical paywall limitations. Hmmm maybe it’s a Zombie paper??

      1. Steve Hawkins

        Cheers both: They’ve unlocked it now. (There’s actually an unlocked padlock icon at the top too.).


        I have a further problem in that Wp lets me reply to email notifications, but won’t let me reply on the comment stream without logging in, and won’t accept any of my passwords. Then if I try to reset password it says I don’t exist even though it’s been emailing me for years! The wonders of the web! 🙂

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