Reliable videos explaining the medical science around coronavirus COVID-19: please add to them

There’s a lot of crap floating around online about COVID-19: conspiracy theories,  unreliable reports, racist claptrap, and so on.  As scientists and educators I think it’s important that we share the reliable sources as far and wide as possible.  Here’s some very good videos and lectures that explain some of the medical science about the pandemic.  If you know of others please post them in the comments below.

If you are experiencing symptoms or want to know what to look out for, here the NHS’s advice site which is regularly updated:


How can we control the coronavirus pandemic? | Adam Kucharski TED Q & A:


Some background to vaccines and the search for one for COVID-19:


Why COVID-19 is hitting us now — and how to prepare for the next outbreak – a TED Talk:


Really interesting talk on the link between the wildlife trade and COVID-19.  Makes a very important point:  “The majority of the people in China do NOT eat wildlife animals. Those people who consume these wildlife animals are the rich and the powerful –a small minority”:


Most of what I’ve found has been in English, but here’s some talks that are in other languages:



2 thoughts on “Reliable videos explaining the medical science around coronavirus COVID-19: please add to them

  1. spamletblog

    Don’t forget to keep up to date with Prof Vincent Racaniello’s suite of microbiology podcasts and lectures. From his ‘flagship’ ‘TWiV’ — This Week in Virology he has a team of experts discuss in depth the latest works in virology, every Sunday, and, of course, it’s been concentrating on the current pandemic , and has added a number of extra interviews with key people lately.

    There is also TWiM with focus on general microbiology, that runs bi-weekly, and less frequently: parasitism, immune system, neurology, evolution. I find them all compulsive listening. Prof Racaniello also makes all his university course lectures availible on YouTube, and you can even take his introductory course for free!

    This week’s TWiM is particularly good, with some updates on the persistence of virus on various surfaces. The move to try and get more copper surfaces back into hospitals is a recurrent theme of the series:


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