Something for the weekend #1

Two of my favourite blogs, Dynamic Ecology and Small Pond Science, both produce end-of-week compilations of links to interesting items on the web.  On the basis that plagiarism imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I thought I’d follow suit with a regular series of posts to biodiversity-related* items that have caught my attention during the week**.  This is the first one.


  • In an article in the Times Higher, John Warren and colleagues discuss their concern about the decline in graduates with species identification skills.  They raise some valid points that echo worries that others have raised in the past, but I question their assertion that “each year there are fewer than 10 UK graduates who are proficient enough in field identification skills to be employable”.  I’d like to see some evidence to back that up.
  • Mr Spock has died; I’ve always loved Star Trek and Leonard Nimoy’s passing is sad news.  But he lived long, and he prospered, and we can’t ask more from life than that.
  • Tropical deforestation may have actually accelerated, not decreased, according to a new study.  But Brazil is faring better than other countries.
*Disclaimer: may sometimes contain non-biodiversity-related links.
**Feel free to recommend links that have caught your eye.

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