Selfie with pollinator


There has been a recent spate of people taking selfies with wild animals, sometimes resulting in serious injury, including the guy who was bitten by a rattlesnake, and ended up with a huge hospital bill*.  Over at the Nothing in Biology Makes Sense blog they had a recent post about this phenomenon, on which I commented that perhaps I should start a new meme, involving selfies with bees (or pollinators more broadly, if you’re allergic to bee stings).

So here it is, me plus Bombus hypnorum, nectaring on Verbena bonariensis, in the garden this afternoon.  Look forward to seeing similar images (unless this turns out to be an n=1 meme…)


*This wouldn’t happen in the UK.  We don’t have rattlesnakes.  And we have the NHS.


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11 responses to “Selfie with pollinator

  1. I am now officially inspired to take a photograph up my nose with an unfeasibly large bee. Blogging certainly widens your perspective!

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  2. So far all I have achieved is to scare away any pollinators and nearly fall in our pond………….

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  3. Tricky shot, glad you sustained no injuries taking it for us!

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  4. Chelsea Specht

    I feel like it would be fun to take Selfies with Selfers. Perhaps noting the absence of pollinators?

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  6. Yes, tis not all that easy after all. Though I might also suggest it ultimately isn’t impossible enough! 🙂

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