Hello world!

bi·o·di·ver·si·ty [bahy-oh-di-vur-si-tee]


1.  The variety of life at all levels from species to communities and ecosystems, and ultimately the whole planet, incorporating both genetic and ecological variation. 

2.  What Jeff studies.   

This will (hopefully) become a regular series of blogs all about the variety of life around us and why it’s so important to the continued survival of planet Earth and Homo sapiens sapiens.  Some of it will be linked to my current and past research projects at the University of Northampton, some will be relevant to teaching, and much will be off the cuff comments about stuff that interests me.

Almost 25 years of university teaching and research has convinced me that that there’s far more to still find out about biodiversity than we have so far discovered.  That’s not likely to change very soon. 

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