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Spiral Sunday #29 – a pair of guest photos

Spiral from Alex Laws.png

Spiral Sunday this week features a couple of photographs I’ve been sent recently.  The first is from one of my PhD students, Alex Laws, taken on a trip to Cornwall earlier this year.  The artist is James Eddy, not a name I was familiar with, but definitely worth checking out, especially as he is a land artist too.

Which leads us to the second picture, sent to me by a Polish colleague, Marcin Zych, of a spiral-shaped piece of land art he found near Olomouc, in the Czech Republic.  It reminds me (on a smaller scale) of Robert Smithson’s amazing sculpture Spiral Jetty (of which I was unaware until it was kindly introduced to me by Carrie McLaughlin of the Texas Pollinator Powwow).

Spiral from Marcin Zych

Many thanks to Alex and Marcin, and to Carrie too.




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Spiral Sunday #23 – a granite spiral from Norway

2012-10-27 14.28.28I took this week’s Spiral Sunday photograph at a small sculpture park in an old quarry on the coastal path on Kirkøy (Hvaler) in Norway when we were attending the SCAPE 2012 conference in Skjærhalden.

If I recall correctly it was late afternoon and there was a wonderful low light on the stones, hard shadows sharpening the carved edges of the sculptures.  It was magical to come across these sculptures unexpectedly on a long circular hike; I’d recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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Spiral Sunday #17 – sculpted hair from Louisiana

Sculpted hair 20160911_125622.png

This week’s Spiral Sunday features a close-up of  hair sculpted in marble, taken during the visit to Copenhagen’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art I mentioned in Spiral Sunday 5. Sadly I forgot to note down the name of the artist, but I do like the way s/he has depicted the hair as deeply carved, close-set spirals.

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Spiral Sunday #6 – Journey by Charlotte Mayer

Journey 20161026_165922.png

For this week’s Spiral Sunday I’ve captured an image of a piece of sculpture I’ve known and loved, and regularly walked past, for over 20 years, as it sits prominently outside the main restaurant at the University of Northampton’s Park Campus.

Journey by sculptor Charlotte Mayer depicts a flattened, ridged spiral shape cast in bronze. Like most people, when I first saw it, I assumed that Journey represented a stylised fossil ammonite.  But I recall reading (or hearing?) that in fact it was inspired by a seed, possibly of a species of Malvaceae, but I may be mis-remembering.  Can anyone enlighten me?

Accompanying the sculpture is a plaque that includes a quote from T.S. Eliot’s Little Gidding:

“What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

Journey originally sat within a small raised pond that was frequently empty other than for wind-blown trash.  I was happy to see this week that the pond has been filled in and planted with a diversity of pollinator attracting flowers.  A much more fitting setting for a lovely piece of art.

This week’s Spiral Sunday is dedicated to my wife Karin, who is starting an end and contemplating a beginning, in true spiral fashion.


Journey 20161026_165947.png

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