News from the world of pollinators and pollination – links to recent journal special issues and popular magazines

Following on from the really successful SCAPE 2020 meeting that I hosted back in October, the Journal of Pollination Ecology and the Nordic Journal of Botany have devoted joint special issues to write ups of some of the talks – here’s the link to the JPE issue and here’s the link to the NJB issue. All of the papers in JPE and most of those in NJB are open-access.

The summer issue of Bees & Other Pollinators Quarterly is out, packed full of interesting information and amazing photographs – and I have two short articles in it! The first is a summary of the recent paper by Callan Cohen and colleagues showing, for the first time, sexual deception of a beetle pollinator by a flower; the second is about the mechanical fit between pollinators and flowers. I’ve added details to my publications page (they are numbers 129 and 130).

Likewise, the summer issue of 2 Million Blossoms is also due to ship shortly – and I have an article in that one too! This one is rather longer and is a much extended version of my recent New Scientist commentary about the role of pollinators in combating climate change. The magazine has titled it ‘Pollinators flit back against climate change’. Again, it’s on the publications page, number 128.

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