Theme music for jetlag: more images from the International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen

Jetlag 1It’s 3am here in Shenzhen.  I fell asleep at 1030pm, worn out by the heat and activity of the day, but am now wide awake.  In my head the tune to Millie Small’s 60s hit “My Boy Lollipop” is going round and round and round, with the “Lollipop, Lollipop” refrain replaced with the words “Body clock, Body clock“.  The brain is a strange thing….

At this time in the morning, looking out at a mega hi-rise cityscape of flashing beacons and the constant headlights of moving cars 31 stories below, the Esper Edition of Vangelis’s music from Blade Runner makes a more fitting soundtrack.  That and the jasmine green tea I’ve just made should help me sleep.  But in the meantime here’s a few more images taken today at the convention centre where the International Botanical Congress is taking place.

This is the hall where the opening ceremony happens, and some people are giving lectures.  Just imagine it……:

Jetlag 2

The exhibition area is still being constructed but it’s nearly there:

Jetlag 3

Jetlag 4.jpg

The future of agriculture?  Some people think so….:

Jetlag 5.jpg

Jetlag 6

This tells us a lot about the scale of the event; it’s the covered walk way over to the second venue.  Yes, they needed a second venue….:

Jetlag 7.jpg

My view at 7pm last night.  Happy memories….:

Jetlag 8


5 thoughts on “Theme music for jetlag: more images from the International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen

  1. Mariano

    In the last picture, green tea, funnily enough, looks very much like a pint of beer.
    The main hall has a terracotta army vibe to it.

    1. jeffollerton Post author

      Less than a pint I think you’ll find 😉 Yes, good point re the main hall, I must use that when I post pictures of the hall when it’s full!

  2. hilarymb

    Hi Jeff – gosh it does look amazing … talking to that lot – even if vacant! Love the earworm aspect re the songs … and a beer – oh my body clock is just fine – another coffee for me … incredible – I hope you brought roller skates with you … I’m exhausted looking at the size.

    Growing in the dark … it seems to be the rage … looking forward to more – cheers Hilary

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