Spiral Sunday #18 – fossils from Glasgow


Spiral Sunday this week is brought to you by Fergus Chadwick, and is (in his words) a “spiral of spirals”: a spiral display of spiral ammonite fossils at the Kelvin Grove Museum in Glasgow.  Thanks for the photo Fergus!

2 thoughts on “Spiral Sunday #18 – fossils from Glasgow

  1. Susan Walter

    I was given half a dozen little ammonite fossils a few years ago. The person who gave them to me had them in a box ready to go to the tip! He was having a clear out and had so many of them. The vineyard workers find them quite a lot in our area and in the south-west. They now reside in a bowl with fossils sponges from my vegetable garden, bits of Iron Age slag from the forest, slivers from flint tool making, hand forged 19C nails and pre-euro French coins.


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