Breaking news: “Drilling for oil in Alaska necessary to pay for damage caused by climate change”

In an interview with the BBC the Governor of Alaska has claimed that further oil exploration in his state is required in order to pay for the damage being caused by current climate change.


What next for common sense and logic?  Convicted burglars claiming that they have to rob more houses in order to pay court fines?

5 thoughts on “Breaking news: “Drilling for oil in Alaska necessary to pay for damage caused by climate change”

  1. Anna Davenport

    The world is utterly mad. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that sees it. We need to get off the consumerist merry-go-round, start some population control and look to nature to look after us instead of corporations and governments!!

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  2. philipstrange

    I agree, the world is mad.
    I keep hearing the words of a former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as a justification for more drilling, more environmental damage: “America’s oil and gas is what’s needed to “feed and fuel a hungry nation with what God has created for man’s responsible use.” “

    1. jeffollerton Post author

      What’s so odd about this guy is that he clearly believes that anthropogenic climate change is an issue and is having an impact, but can’t see the paradox of what he is proposing.

      1. Clem

        Paradox? There’s no paradox… he has an interest in drilling for oil in Alaska, and these sea level villages offer an excuse. It may be a dumb excuse, but as a trial balloon it ranks with all sorts of ideas hatched by politicians.

        If Alaska were the whole of the planetary ecosystem then a more direct line to paradox might be drawn. But Alaska, big as it might be, is still a small part of the whole planet. If no one else is going to stop using oil, or limit drilling, then why should the Alaskans? Yes, the wildlife refuge would be put at risk. But one could take the angle that ecotourism dollars from the refuge pail in comparison to potential petro dollars. What is a money grubbing politico to do?

        Just playing devil’s advocate here – but am a bit concerned when we sit in judgment of another while we still use oil at current rates. Sounds a bit like a casual drug user complaining about health care costs or the egregious nature of drug cartels. There is a paradox, but we seem to overlook our own role in it all

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